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DIY Under The Sea Halloween Costumes For Kids

Are you having trouble looking for the right under the sea costume for your child for the Halloween?
cheap Ray-Ban Round To gain ideas and tips on what type of sea-themed attire to make, read the article below.What is Halloween?Halloween is a traditional American festival celebrated every October 31. During this day, young and adults alike are busy preparing for their respective Halloween activities. Children are busy visiting every house tricking and treating and collecting sweets, candies and money, while adults are busy attending different types of Halloween parties.History of HalloweenAccording to history, it is a long tradition of Celtic culture to communicate with the dead and the living. They believed that the dead has the power to inflict sickness to human beings and to ruin crops. The Celts fake ray bans hold festivals wearing costumes to appease the spirits.As times changed, the festival evolved along with it and every year different cultures from different countries celebrated the event with fun, mystery, flair and excitement. It becomes a perfect time to enjoy with friends, loved ones and family.Aside from school activities, theatrical plays and school programs, Halloween is a perfect event where everyone can unleash their creativity, can shed inhibitions and can get creative. Aside from tricking and treating, visiting house to house to collect, candies, chocolates, sweets and money, children love the event because they can wear the fancy costumes of their choice.There are plenty of costumes available to choose from, you just select which one suits your child best. If you are looking for under the sea costume, you can consider creating your own, renting from costume rental shops or buying from department stores. If you want to make and sew your own attire, you can get inspiration from magazine and the Internet.Under the sea is one of
cheap Oakley Radar Path the several Halloween themes suitable for aquatic-themed party. If you want to choose what attire to wear, you can select between creatures of the sea, the sea itself or someone who enjoys the sea. It can be made using accessories and old clothes.Different types of do-it-yourself costumes:* Fish – Make your own fish attire using a solid-colored sweatshirt and fabric paint. Paint a fish with scales on the sweatshirt.* Seaweed – Use several shades of green fabrics and cut them into strips. Lay these strips over a T-shirt to become seaweeds.* Coral reef – Paint several pieces of large Styrofoam with different tropical colors and let them dry outside. Once dry, attach them to a blue sweat suit using Velcro or glue. When your child put it on, paint a tropical fish on his/her cheeks to complement the corals.* Starfish – You need a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants for this task. Paint the sweatshirt and sweatpants to look like a starfish. When attending the party, be sure to keep your child's legs in wide stance and their arms above their head.* Mermaid – You can attach seashells on your child's bikini top and use a stretchable shiny fabric around her legs. Be sure that the cloth is in green, purple or turquoise shades. You can cut a slit in between or add fins at the bottom using a
cheap Ray-Ban ZX300 fabric or a fun foam.* Humans – Your child can go to the party dressed in a scuba diver suit or sailor suit.* Ships – Using a ship-shaped box, cut a hole in the top enough for your head to fit through. Paint the box to look like Titanic and use Styrofoam to act as your iceberg.* Octopus – To make an octopus, use feather boas or fabric strips attached to your kid's waist like a belt. Hang them down and add appendages. For octopus' head, cut a large bulb shape out of fun foam or cardboard and paint it using purple or bright green shades of paint. Cut circles out of foam and paint it with little pink or purple. Attach the octopus' body around his neck using a yarn or ribbon.With the tips and ideas mentioned beforehand, you can be sure that your child can have the best under the sea costume in the party.

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Crazy Frog-Themed Ringtones

Crazy fake oakleys Frog is a new whacky, chaotic and a cute character, launched in November 2004 amid mobile ringtone characters. Today, you may find more of Crazy Frog-themed ringtones being preferred by the youth and is gaining fame in the UK's mobile phone download market.As per the market analysts Mintel, the mobile phone users might spend a hefty amount worth GBP 740mn (USD 1.3bn) on downloading of ringtones, music, games and such other entertainment services in their handsets in 2008. This represents 18 times
Men's Sunglasses increase on the total expenditure on downloads to what the figure was three years ago. While in 2002, the figure was 30 million, it is expected to rise up to 760 million in sales of mobile downloads this year.Third generation (3G) mobile phones have gained incredible popularity in the UK charts for its user-friendliness to facilitate its users to download good quality ringtones and games. The recent success of Crazy Frog downloads is a perfect example to indicate the mushroom growth in this sector. Its garbled vocal sounds have made
fake ray bans people crazy about its ringtones, music, video and screensavers downloads.Just like the way people realised the potential of the Internet technology after a few years of its launch, Crazy Frog also gained popularity gradually, starting with a fortune of GBP 10 mn. Today, there are plenty of websites offering a variety of Crazy Frog-themed ringtones online, ranging from Crazy Accents, Crazy Animals, Crazy Beat Box, Crazy Cinema, Crazy, Music, Crazy Celebrity Parodies through to Crazy Soccer, Crazy Sound, Hottest New Crazy, Crazy Cow, Crazy Named Ringtones and Fun Crazy Ringtones.Many websites also feature a ‘Top Ten' ringtone chartbuster list and a list of international song artists' own composed songs that people can use as ringtones after downloading. The Crazy Frog ringtone was supposedly the first ringtone to have topped the pop charts in the UK.As per the forecasts by Mintel, ringtones grab the largest share in the UK's download market, with sales in music downloads (33%) and games download (26%), screensavers (13%), gambling (9%), music (8%) and miscellaneous downloads (11%). In fact the download of gambling is further expected to increase by 367% in 2008. With the masses now playing ringtones, these are now tweaked upon to adjust with different marketing and advertising strategies to build more revenue for the industry. Even in North America, various companies in the market compose their own product jingles and convert them into ringtones to sell them out as sound files to the consumers or their target market. This kind of personalization of ringtones in the country has further enticed big music industry giants who have now embarked upon a series of launches of MP3 players allowing mobile phone users to merge different sections of songs, as per their preference, and use them as their ringtones.Owing to the increasing level of interest in the market, major mobile operators such as Vodafone, Orange and Hutchison Whampoa's 3 networks have also increased the total download content provided by them. However, people aged above 35 years and older ones consider this a waste of money, and look forward to more substantial products to be in sync with other sophisticated leisure activities too.

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www.cheapfakeoakleysonline.com Crabs In A Bucket

Where did it all wrong? An art form created in the Bronx in the 1970s initially united an entire generation. Gangs who had been bitter rivals in the early 1970s united because of hip-hip culture and music.The hip-hop phenomenon began on the mean streets of New York, and quickly spread throughout the country in the 1980s. People who had once settled their differences in the streets began squashing their beef on the dance floor or on the microphone. Emcee and break dance battles quickly replaced violence as the measuring stick to determine the hardest cat on the block.What started as innocent competition, however, became deadly in the late 1990s with the senseless murders of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. Rap battles started becoming extremely personal and eventually led to the demise of two hip-hop icons.The hate that exists among some of hip-hop's brightest stars is reminiscent of the slavery era, when the division between African Americans gave birth to the crabs in a bucket mentality. This theory stated that whenever an African American made it to the top another African American would pull him back down before he made it out of his current situation.Recently, Nashville-based rapper Young Buck allegedly assaulted an Atlanta deejay for playing a record by his nemesis The Game.According to SOHH.com, “Young Buck performed in Atlanta's Club Nocturnal. After his performance, Buck announced he had some business to handle with Hot 107.9 DJ Will, who was deejaying prior to Buck hitting the stage. Although DJ Will stood up for himself, he was outnumbered by members of Buck's entourage who jumped in. As a result, Hot 107.9 program director Jerry Smokin' B has banned Young Buck from the station's play list.”Young Buck's alleged assault led many deejays across the country to consider a ban of all of his music.Although rap music has always been highly competitive, many current rappers are unaware of the power that they have as role models, and choose to use their influence in destructive ways and not to uplift the Black community. In past generations, African American youth emulated the preachers and the teachers. However, in the 21st century, the next generation of Black leaders looks up to rappers and athletes for guidance and inspiration.After the sudden deaths of Tupac and Biggie, many rappers realized the power of words. That generation of rappers understood the consequences of putting negativity on wax, and chose a more positive approach to settling differences. However, after the 50 Cent and Ja Rule beef of 2003 became the talk of hip-hop, many rappers began seeing beef as a way to earn a quick dollar and destroy the career of an adversary in the process.Consequently, 50 Cent and his G Unit crewing began beefing with Fat Joe, Jadakiss,
fake ray bans and Nas, for their affiliation with Ja Rule and The Inc. Records. After 50's prot&eacute;g&eacute;, The Game refused to participate in a battle with Nas and Jadakiss, 50 excommunicated Game from G Unit Records.Then 50 Cent went on a popular New York radio show to announce The Game's dismissal from the G Unit camp. After 50 Cent's diss on the radio, Game's entourage attempted to confront the G Unit entourage at the radio station. The two crews exchanged gunfire, leaving a member of Game's crew injured.After the New York radio incident The Game began exchanging countless insults with the entire G Unit roster, culminating in the November 26 incident in which Young Buck, a G Unit artist, allegedly assaulted a deejay for playing Game's hit single “It's Okay (One Blood).”When will rappers ever learn? Hip-hop culture has grown into a worldwide multi-billion dollar phenomenon over the years, and there is plenty of success to go around for everyone. Just because a fan buys a Game album does not mean he will not buy an fake oakleys album from a G Unit artist.Young Buck's alleged assault in Atlanta has been a detriment to his career because of the ban of his records at many radio stations. In attempt to bring down an old nemesis, he may have brought down his own career in the process.The beef that exists between rappers is the main reason the African American race has not been able to reach the potential that it has. A people filled with all the talent in the world cannot reach the “promise land” that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about because of his jealousy and envy.When will rappers learn that they have the power to change the entire Black community for the better? They have the power to teach young children that violence is not the way to solve a problem. They have the power to teach the youth that there are more ways to be successful than selling drugs on the corner.Recently, New Orleans based rappers B
tortoise sunglasses.G. and Baby, put aside their beef after the tragic death of Baby's sister. Houston rappers Chamillionaire and Mike Jones also have squashed beefs and have even talked about working together in the near future. Maybe the entire hip-hop nation can see that as the true way that Black men handle a negative situation.

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Chinese Birthday Invitations With Lucky Red Color

If you're looking for a fun theme or color for your next birthday, consider a lucky color like red and an Asian-inspired theme for a fun and fresh idea. In Chinese culture, the color red is most often used as a symbol of good luck. Red is also associated with the warding off of evil spirits. Both seem so fitting for a birthday invitation and party theme.Chinese accents for your birthday invitationsIf you're looking for an unusual and stylish theme for your next birthday, start with the color red. In Chinese culture red is considered very lucky and can also be a vibrant color that is perfect for any season. Birthday invitations in this
[b]designer sun glasses[/b] classic color can make your celebration – and perhaps your entire year – full of luck and good fortune. The Chinese believe that red is not only good luck, but a strong symbol of happiness. This makes it another reason to pick red to celebrate your birthday. Couldn't we all use a little more luck and happiness?Chinese symbols can also be a stylish addition to your Asian-themed invitations and party decor. Consider hiring a calligrapher to put some appropriate symbols on your invitations for additional luck and happiness. These symbols would also make an attractive addition to elements of your d&eacute;cor – cocktail napkins, birthday signs, etc. Make sure to seek out someone who knows their symbols, you don't want to have symbols that are inappropriate or offensive on your birthday invitations or d&eacute;cor.The red envelopeAnother Chinese tradition is the giving of the red envelope to the birthday boy or girl. The tradition also states that there fake oakleys is cash inside in an even amount i.e. $44, $88, etc. In carrying out the tradition, consider sending your birthday invitations in a red envelope. While your Chinese guests will get the symbolism, you can educate your other guests with a note about these traditions inside your birthday invitation.Other fun Chinese traditionsThere are many great literal and figurative traditions and d&eacute;cor elements that can add panache to your celebration. Consider an invitation that resembles a Chinese fortune cookie to spread good fortune to your guests. Another great look for your party is Chinese lanterns. While these can act as an attractive accent piece at your party, they can also make an attractive accent on your birthday invitation. For a fun and unusual accent, consider an invitation that is in the style of a Chinese ‘take-out' container. This would also hint at your delicious Chinese menu and Chinese-inspired d&eacute;cor. While these are not necessarily actual Chinese symbols, it is still a well-recognized and fun.The Power of RedRed is also a good color for your birthday celebration as in Western cultures red is a
fake ray bans color for passionate endeavors. While you probably won't want your guests displaying their passionate side, you can still use red on your birthday invitations and d&eacute;cor to spice up your party and bring out the wild and crazy side. A deep, rich red is also said to stimulate the appetite. The perfect color to get your birthday bash going!Whatever accents you choose – Asian-inspired – or otherwise, keep red in your theme to add luck, happiness and flair to your party. While red is a strong color, it fits in well with many Chinese elements and can turn a dull party into a brilliant Asian-inspired celebration.

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Chinese Astrology – Are You In Your Element

What is a habit? A habit can be defined as something we repeatedly do until it becomes our behavior. It is the interrelationship of knowledge, skill and desire. Whether the habit is positive or negative depends on what it can do for us.In Chinese Astrology, a person is given a set of natal pillars which comprises the 5 metaphysical elements of the universe. These elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Our existences on earth are governed by these elements. By the interaction of these elements in a productive, conquering or exhaustive cycle, our destiny takes root. Our characteristics, attributes, and behaviors are brought about by many of these elemental interplays within our natal chart. One aspect of
[b]designer sun glasses[/b] destiny that we can change is our habit which invariably influences our behavior. This is where an analysis of our natal chart based on the 5 elements can help us decipher which habit will determine our behavior and ultimately our destiny.In the context of self improvement, one management guru that stands out is Dr. Stephen R. Covey. His well researched and documented study on human behavior resulted in the publication of the highly acclaimed book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. In short, the book teaches us how to live a productive and fulfilling life. Using Chinese Astrology, we can analyze how these habits are influenced by the elements in our natal chart.Habit 1We always have choices in our lives. What we make of
fake ray bans ourselves depend on the choices we made. Whether we live from hand to mouth or live off the fat of the land is ultimately up to us. In Chinese Astrology, this habit has to do with our self element, the element that exhausts self and the element that self conquers. If your self element is wood, then the element that exhausts self is fire and the element that self conquers is earth.Habit 2We should have goals in our lives. Goals give us direction and take us where we want to go. It is being proactive in controlling our destiny. In Chinese Astrology, this habit has to do with the element that produces self. If your self element is fire, then the element that produces self is wood.Habit 3We should have a plan to achieve our goals. A plan will help to take us to our destination. We need to be disciplined and to prioritize which actions come first and which to take in order to get there fastest. In Chinese Astrology, this habit has to do with the element that conquers self and the element that exhausts self. If your self element is earth, then the element that conquers self is wood and the element that exhausts self is metal.Habit 4We should seek cooperation that is mutually beneficial. By having such interaction with one another, everybody wins and no one is made to be a loser. In this way, an agreement will last the test of time since everybody is satisfied and will stay committed. In Chinese Astrology, this habit has to do with our self element, the element that produces self and the element that conquers self. If your self element is metal, then the element that produces self is earth and the element that conquers self is fire.Habit 5We should listen more and speak less in order to really understand people. By seeking to understand others first allows us to see things from their perspective and pave the way for us to be understood in return. This makes us influential. In Chinese Astrology, this habit has to do with our self element, the element that produces self and the element that conquers self. If your self element is water, then the element that produces self is metal and the element that conquers self is earth.Habit 6We should accept and respect differences in people. By leveraging on the strengths of other people and compensate for their weaknesses, we can forge synergy in a team. Synergy is about using creativity to build strengths in diversity so that collectively, we achieve more than if we go it alone. In Chinese Astrology, this habit has to do with our self element, the element that produces self and the element that exhausts self. If your self element is wood, then the element that produces self is water and the element that exhausts self is fire.Habit 7We should strive to maintain a balance in our lives - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By having balance in these four areas, we feel energized and empowered to live life to the full. It is the culmination in our journey to be a highly effective person. fake oakleys

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